State Budget Negotiations Continue..... PDF Print E-mail
Facing a deficit of approximately $9 billion in the state fiscal year that began on April 1, the Governor and the State Legislature continue to work toward adopting a state budget.  While there still are a number of outstanding issues, both the Senate and Assembly have indicated their preliminary positions on many items of importance to cities and villages.  Unfortunately, at this time, neither house seems inclined to restore the proposed cuts in state aid to New York’s municipalities, or to expand local revenue options initiatives such as: increasing the maximum authorized rate for the local gross receipts tax; permitting municipalities to charge for accident reports at levels authorized for the State Police beyond the current $0.25 per page allowed under FOIL; authorizing municipalities to impose fees for ambulance and emergency medical services provided by fire departments; and permitting municipalities to charge for the provision of additional police protection at paid-admission events.   While the final outcome on these and other proposals remains uncertain, one thing is for sure, now is not the time to shift the state’s problems onto local taxpayers.