This website is intended to help state and local officials, the media and the public better understand the direct connection between state actions – e.g., state aid and state mandates – and New York's real property tax burden. Local officials and private citizens can and should use this site as a resource to help educate state leaders, legislators and opinion makers on those state mandates that are the key culprits in obstructing local officials' efforts to control spending and property taxes.

This education process is more important than ever, as local officials contend with a property tax cap that is well-below 2%, and a tax freeze that places additional pressure on local officials to achieve tax cap compliance. Neither of these tactics -- without mandate relief -- will do anything to address the true cost drivers that plague municipal budgets. Taxpayers in New York will get the two things they need most – lower taxes and the continuation of essential and high quality municipal services – only if Albany finally demonstrates the will to reform state mandates, giving local officials the tools and flexibility to implement real and sustainable property tax relief.